Dentures can be used to replace one or a few missing or damaged teeth, or can replace your whole set of teeth, depending on your needs. If you believe that dentures will fit your needs, get in touch with the dental team at M Dental in Mississauga.

What Are Dentures?

Typically made of a hard resin, dentures are artificial teeth and gums that are custom-made to fit your mouth. Patients can be fitted with top or bottom dentures, both, or individual dentures can be made for a single tooth. There are three main types of dentures: partial, full, and implant-supported.

Full Dentures

Full or complete dentures replace whole rows of teeth, either the top or bottom. They are held in place with either suction or with an oral adhesive. They are easily removable in order to keep them clean.

Partial Dentures

If crowns or bridges aren’t a good option for you, partial dentures may be an alternative solution. Rather than creating a bridge going across the top of multiple teeth, partial dentures are fitted to the gum line and can be fastened to adjacent teeth. They are still easily removable for cleaning and while sleeping.


These dentures are anchored to the jawbone with dental implants. When there aren’t any teeth or implants to stimulate the bone, it can cause bone loss. Implant-supported dentures are attached to the bone, so there is less chance of bone loss.

Caring For Your Dentures

Whichever type of denture you choose, it is essential that they are cleaned daily, as they are still susceptible to bacteria, plaque, and tartar. When cleaning your dentures, start by rinsing them off with water and removing any remaining bits of food. Brush them gently with a soft toothbrush, but do not use regular toothpaste or an electric toothbrush. These products are abrasive and can scratch the outer layer of the dentures. Instead, use a denture-specific cleaner. When removing your dentures at night, place them in a glass of warm water to prevent them from drying out.

If you are considering dentures, contact M Dental in Mississauga today. We’re here to answer all of your questions. Our dentists offer compassionate service and we will do our best to make sure you are comfortable throughout the process.