Your teeth are powerful. They’re built to cut through tough materials. They’re suited to weather variations in temperature. They’re adept at staying whole in the face of bacteria. That said, they aren’t perfect. Teeth can’t handle every material, they’re sensitive to extreme temperatures, and they can disintegrate when exposed to bacteria for a duration of time. That’s why it’s crucial to care for your teeth, clean them, and supply them with the right nutrients to thrive. So what nutrients do your teeth need? Well, most of us know that teeth rely on calcium to grow. Calcium is an integral part of normal bone structures, and teeth are no exception. However, folks often forget that vitamin D is also essential to increase or maintain bone density and strength. That’s why dentists advise individuals to integrate vitamin D into their diet or routine (through sunlight exposure), to ensure that they have healthy, strong teeth. So what does vitamin D do for your bones and your teeth, and what are some sources of vitamin D that we can seek out?

What Does Vitamin D Do?

Vitamin D enables calcium absorption. Without sufficient vitamin D, your body may struggle to absorb calcium from food sources. Without enough calcium, your bones can weaken, even to the point of breaking. Thus, with a vitamin D deficiency, your bones may be more susceptible to damage. Now, teeth aren’t always considered “bones” per se, however, they’re composed of material very similar to bones throughout the body. Therefore, your teeth need vitamin D as much as the rest of your bones. That begs the question: Where can we get vitamin D?

Where Can We Get Vitamin D?

Vitamin D comes from a variety of sources, including sunlight! Our bodies naturally use sunlight to synthesize vitamin D. In addition, we can attain vitamin D from food sources. Vitamin D is prevalent in fatty fish, dairy products, egg yolks, and some meat, and it might be found in fortified foods, like orange juice, cereals, and soy milk. In addition, you can find vitamin D supplements to utilize alongside your diet. Supplements may be the best option for those who can’t get enough vitamin D through sunlight or natural food sources.

Pair Vitamin D With Calcium

It’s important to pair vitamin D with calcium to ensure that your body can deliver calcium from a food source to your bones. Now, where can you find calcium? Again, there are calcium supplements, but the best sources are simple foods, including leafy green veggies, soybeans, white beans, dairy, and fish. Be sure to integrate both vitamin D and calcium into your dietary routine to ensure that your teeth and bones are as strong as can be!

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