In our last article, we discussed bone grafting, its benefits, and its use as a tool to prepare the jawbone for dental implants. Now, bone grafting isn’t required for implants. In fact, a huge portion of those seeking an implant will not need bone grafting. Regardless of whether or not you need bone grafting, it’s important to understand the procedure and the benefits of dental implants.

What is a Dental Implant Procedure?

A dental implant is a false tooth that is permanently attached to the jawbone. To perform the procedure, your oral surgeon will prepare the jawbone by drilling a small hole where the root of the living tooth once resided. This hole is designed to fit a screw. Then, your surgeon will insert the implant. In certain scenarios, multiple implants can be built into the jawbone.


What are the Benefits?

  • They Look Natural: Dental implants are intended to mimic your natural teeth. They can even be colored to a similar color as your natural teeth.
  • They’re Strong: They are very strong and have the same aesthetic quality as your natural teeth.
  • Permanent: Since dental implants are permanent, you can care for them the same way that you would your normal teeth. Clean them regularly, and get regular dental exams to ensure that the “health” of the artificial tooth is sustained.
  • Comfortable: When implants have thoroughly healed, they will feel like your natural teeth. Patients can eat, smile, and have the confidence to smile without worry.
  • Strengthens the Jaw: Dental implants are screwed into the jaw bone, stimulating the bone. When the bone structure is well-maintained, it can improve facial and bone features.

Implants are typically used when there are missing teeth, or multiple teeth that have become too damaged from decay and need to be removed. Whatever your situation is, Dr. Ma and his team can help you achieve a beautiful smile.

If you’re curious about dental implant procedures, don’t hesitate to get in touch with an oral surgeon here at M Dental. We provide oral surgery procedures, including bone grafts and dental implants, at our Mississauga and Scarborough locations.