If you have sensitive teeth, toothaches, or other oral issues, it may be your diet that’s to blame. It’s an unfortunate truth, especially for those of us that love foods or drinks that are rather harmful to our oral health; but there are foods out there that can damage our teeth and attack enamel. So if you’re looking to boost your oral health, keep up on your dentist’s visits, and try cutting back a bit on the following foods and drinks:


Topping the list, we’ll begin with sweets. Candies and sugar-filled sweets are harmful to teeth. They tend to glom on to our tooth surfaces and can melt away enamel. So if you have a sweet tooth, take note you may not have it for long!

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are full of acid. While this acid makes citrus fruits and fruit juices enjoyable and tasty, acids can also damage your tooth enamel layer.


Like citrus fruits, coffee contains acids. Moderate your coffee intake, and consider switching to tea! Tea is a far better option for keeping those teeth intact.

Chewing Ice

Our teeth are strong, but they simply aren’t impervious to damage. Chewing ice can grind down on your teeth and open up enamel to further damage. If you like your water cold, try breaking the habit of chewing on your ice cubes.

Take care of your teeth by moderating these foods and drinks; and stay posted for our next blog. We’ll delve into other foods that can damage your tooth enamel and attack your teeth. And of course, if you’re experiencing a toothache or sensitive teeth, now’s the time to visit your local dentist here at M Dental in Scarborough!