In-home flossing can save you pain at the dentist!

There are more and more flossing products out there on the market. And it can be confusing facing the slew of flossing products available today. Fortunately, no matter what product you choose to use, all flossing products are made to aid your tooth health. The fact of the matter is that your flossing technique makes all the difference when it comes to keeping those teeth clean and pristine! So – as provided by your local Mississauga area dentist – here are the right techniques use when flossing:

Be Kind to Your Teeth & Gums

Be kind to your teeth and gums as you floss. Teeth are sensitive, and gums are tender. While you’ll want to apply some pressure to your gums as you’re flossing, don’t go all out. If you’re getting blood from your gums every time you floss, you’re using too much pressure.

Mimic Your Toothbrush

Toothbrush bristles work great because they’re soft and they get lots of coverage with a few swishes. You’ll want to mimic that swishing motion with your floss or dental pick. Go back-and-forth as you floss over the entire height of a tooth.

Get All Parts of Those Teeth

You’ve got to get every part of your tooth clean! To maintain the integrity of your teeth, you’ll want to rub your floss or dental pick against both sides of an interdental area. Flossing all parts of your teeth keeps those teeth clean and it keeps tooth enamel strong.

Floss ‘em Twice Daily

Floss with frequency. Go for twice a day or more. Some folks prefer flossing after every meal because it feels good! So keep those chompers happy regardless of the flossing product you choose!