Proper dental care will keep your chompers chomping!

Mouthwash is an excellent dental health tool. Using mouthwash can aid your teeth in sustaining their enamel. Enamel is crucial in sustaining a tooth’s strength. Beyond that, mouthwash can benefit your teeth in numerous other ways:

Reduce Plaque Buildup

Mouthwash doesn’t get rid of plaque that has already attached to your teeth, but it does aid in preventing more plaque from clinging to those chompers. Since mouthwash wipes out the bacteria that would cause plaque on the surface of your teeth, every time you swish a dental mouthwash, you’re wiping out plaque-producers by the millions.

Get Rid Of Nasty Food Particles

Food particles can lodge themselves between teeth. Swishing mouthwash, like flossing, aids in pulling those particles away from your teeth. And those particles likely harbor loads of bacteria. Remember, you’ll still want to floss twice per day even if you’re using mouthwash. Flossing can aid in reducing plaque between your teeth, as well as ridding your chompers of nasty food particles.

Stop Cavities

Since you’ll be boosting your enamel, you’ll be preventing cavities. Mouthwash is an excellent cavity-fighting product, and if you’ve got tender teeth, you’d better opt for a mouthwash remedy. As you use mouthwash over time, you’ll build a strong layer of enamel that’ll can prevent bone loss in your teeth.

Boost Your Breath

Since mouthwash kills stink-causing bacteria, your breath will remain fresh longer. Most mouthwashes come with some sort of minty flavoring, and that’s much better than the odor of  stinky breath.

Here’s our advice as your dentist in the Mississauga area… use mouthwash! You’ll boost your tooth health!