It can be stressful and emotional when an accident occurs, and maybe even more so when the accident involves your teeth and smile. Whether you chip a tooth or a tooth is knocked out, it’s important to act fast and get the attention you need at a dental office in Mississauga. Here are a few scenarios you may face and what you should do.


There could be a variety of causes for a toothache, but it’s still important to not just ignore the pain and make sure it isn’t a significant problem with your teeth. Rinse your mouth with warm water and floss your teeth to make sure that any food is removed from your teeth. Avoid using aspirin directly on your teeth; this could cause the gum tissue to burn.

Dental Office MississaugaChipped or Broken Teeth

If there is a large chip from the tooth, it’s important to visit a dental office as soon as possible. In the meantime, rinse your mouth and any pieces of the tooth with warm water. To stop any bleeding, press a piece of gauze against the broken tooth. To prevent any swelling, use a cold compress against the side of your mouth.

Knocked Out Tooth

When a tooth is completely knocked out, make sure that you only handle the tooth by the crown (the part that you chew with), and not the pointy end. Rinse the tooth thoroughly, but try not to remove any tissue fragments. You can try reinserting the tooth into the socket, but make sure it’s facing the right direction and never try to force it back in. If the tooth can’t be replaced, keep the tooth in a container of milk until you’re able to visit an emergency dentist. If you can visit a dentist within an hour, there is a better chance of it being saved. If not, a dental implant may be necessary.

Tooth Abscess

Abscesses may look like a pimple on the gums, and could be a sign of an infection. If left untreated, it could cause serious damage to the surrounding gums and teeth and it could spread to the rest of the body. Until you can see a dentist, rinse your mouth with a salt water solution a couple times a day.

Dental emergencies should be treated as soon as possible, especially if you are dealing with a knocked out tooth or an abscess. At M Dental, our team is passionate about providing the best care and a wide range of services. If you’re in need of an emergency dental office, get in touch with us today.