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Many people don’t like the dentist and are, in all honesty, scared of the dentist. This can be due to a bad dental experience as a child, or it can be due to the array of dental tools that are used during your dental cleaning.

M Dental is a local family dentist with offices in Mississauga and Scarborough. We believe in taking care of all of our patients like they are family. We offer an array of dental services for your convenience, such as teeth whitening, dental implants, and oral health screenings. While we admit, dental instruments can be scary and intimidating, we think that if you know what they do, they will become less so. Below, we’ll explain the common dental tools that we use during a regular dental cleaning. Contact our dental office today for an appointment!


The Probe

No one likes any tool called the probe, especially in a dentist’s chair. The probe is a tool that our dentist will use to yes, indeed, probe your teeth. It’s a thin tool with a pointed end that is curved. The probe is what is used to test your teeth to discover tooth decay, measure your gums to determine if you have periodontal disease, and it can be used to scrape tartar and plaque.

The Saliva Ejector, or Suction

For kids, this device is probably the scariest. It makes a suction sound that can be downright terrifying, and the prospect of putting it in your mouth is equally so. It sucks up the water that is sprayed in your mouth when you require a rinse during your dental cleaning. It is also used extensively during more advanced dental procedures when a dry surface is imperative to work with, such as with fillings.

The Dental Drill

Thankfully, the feared dental drill is only used when you have a cavity. Your local dentist will use the drill to remove the decayed part of your tooth before placing the filling. The vibrations are what scare most people, as the prospect of having a drill in their mouth is not the most pleasant thought in the world.

The Scaler

The scaler looks very similar to the probe, but it is a bit thicker. It is used to scrape off heavy plaque buildup. It’s usually the tool that you hear scraping your teeth with that annoying grating sound.


Molds are used in dentistry in order to take impressions of your teeth, either for specialty teeth straightening techniques, such as Invisalign, or for other dental needs, such as for retainers, crowns, caps, or mouthguards.

The Mirror

The mirror is perhaps the least scary of the dental instruments you will undoubtedly encounter on your next dental visit. Known as a mouth mirror, it allows the dentist to see your entire tooth, including the back of the tooth. It helps show the dentist oral decay, as well as see the entire surface of your mouth. The mirror also is a convenient tool to move your tongue out of the way, as well as to help push your cheek out.


The tools of the dental trade are definitely not the most glamorous, but they are necessary to keeping your oral health impeccable.

M Dental loves helping our patients not only have gleaming, white teeth, but also have an overall good bill of oral health. We can see patients in either one of our two dental offices, either Mississauga or Scarborough. Our dental services are varied, able to meet most of your dental needs, whether you need dental implants or routine dental cleanings. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to help you get all of your questions answered.

M Dental believes that top-notch dental care should be available to all. This is why we offer a variety of financing options for our patients. While we have to make a profit in order to stay in business and take care of our employees, our overall goal and mission are to help people with dental services, no matter their situation. We are accepting new patients as well. Contact us for your next dental cleaning today!