1. dental tools M Dental Scarborough

    Dentist Tools Explained

    Many people don’t like the dentist and are, in all honesty, scared of the dentist. This can be due to a bad dental experience as a child, or it can be due to the array of dental tools that are used during your dental cleaning. M Dental is a local family dentist with offices in …Read More

  2. regular dental cleanings M Dental Mississauga

    Why Skipping Your Regular Dental Cleanings Is Not a Good Idea

    While most of us don’t particularly enjoy going to the dentist, we know that it’s good for us. We like our breath to smell good, our teeth to be white, and to have good oral health so we don’t lose our teeth in the future. However, in the busyness of life, seeing the dentis…Read More

  3. signs of wisdom teeth removal m dental is scarborough

    Signs You May Need Wisdom Teeth Removal

    In our last blog post, we discussed what your wisdom teeth are, the history of wisdom teeth removal, and whether or not it’s right for you. We discussed that the best possible scenario is for you to make an appointment with your local dentist to discuss the process. However, yo…Read More

  4. Wisdom Teeth: To Remove or Not to Remove?

    Wisdom teeth have commonly been recommended to be removed in your young adult years since the late eighteenth century when general anesthesia became available. But what are your wisdom teeth, why do you have to remove them, and should you remove them? M Dental is a dental clinic …Read More

  5. How to Choose a Toothbrush and Floss

    The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once a day, but have you taken a look recently at the toothbrush and floss that you’re using? It can be overwhelming looking at the variety of options in the store — soft bristles…Read More

  6. All You Want to Know About Root Canal Treatment

    Everyone going into the dentist fears the lecture about not flossing often enough, but there is one thing that everyone dreads hearing: you need a root canal. In this blog, we’ll go over everything you need to know about this dreaded dental procedure, including what increases t…Read More

  7. Tips on Keeping a Regular 6-Month Cleaning

    It’s one thing to schedule an appointment at the dentist, it’s another to actually go to the appointment, and yet another to consistently schedule regular cleanings. We’ve all heard the benefits of regular visits to the dentist, but sometimes it can be a challenge to make i…Read More

  8. The Best and Worst Foods For Your Teeth

    You probably already know that popcorn is on the list of foods that your dentist wants you to avoid as much as possible — but what about other foods and drinks? And do you know what foods and drinks that your dentist wants you to eat? Before you go grocery shopping, and definit…Read More

  9. What to do in a Dental Emergency

    It can be stressful and emotional when an accident occurs, and maybe even more so when the accident involves your teeth and smile. Whether you chip a tooth or a tooth is knocked out, it’s important to act fast and get the attention you need at a dental office in Mississauga. He…Read More

  10. What to Know About Invisalign®

    If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about your teeth, if you’ve tried to avoid smiling with your mouth open so that people don’t see uneven teeth, or if you’ve always wished you had straight teeth, there is a solution! And even better, a solution that doesn’t involve yea…Read More