1. Help Kids Build Healthy Dental Habits

    “NO!” is a pretty common word to hear when it’s time for kids to brush teeth. Parents and babysitters alike know the struggles that morning and bedtime routines can bring, and much of the tedium can take place at the bathroom sink. We know how important maintaining healthy …Read More

  2. Our Four Types of Teeth

    Our teeth are fascinating and complex. As we all know, we’re first born with baby teeth. Up until around the age of 12, all of our baby teeth fall out, being replaced by our adult teeth. Later, our wisdom teeth erupt, leaving each of us with 32 pearly whites (some of which may …Read More

  3. Using a Waterpik for Dental Health

    Have you ever heard of a water pick for your teeth? These ingenious little devices are excellent for clearing away food debris between your teeth after a meal, and they’re quickly gaining dentists’ praise around the globe. Like flossing, a waterpik can be utilized to clean th…Read More